Hi there - 

Thanks for visiting my website! 

Now a little about me...

I am a huge dork who loves sci-fi, a feminist who strives to celebrate and empower others, a crazy cat-mom (my children are named Pearl and Baheera) and a Jersey Girl (BRUUUUUCE!). 

If you follow my social media accounts, you will find that I am also an advocate for mental health and chronic pain support; a huge part of my life has been a struggle with depression and anxiety, with a lovely touch of chronic pain too. Sounds disheartening, but I am determined not to let it get in my way! I am always open and honest about how this affects my life and creative journey, and continue to allow it to transform me into a more compassionate and strong woman and artist. If you are curious, follow my social media accounts and blog for updates. 



On a lighter note, I'm also at work on a few writing projects, including some stand up material! Stay tuned!

x Tara

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